Brazil Down, is Neymar OUT for Good?

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Neymar out - Photo Wikipedia

Once a brilliant footballer in his early youth, is Neymar now going slowly into oblivion? Al-Hilal posted on X on the Brazilian’s downfall in the Brazil versus Uruguay match they lost 2-0: “He will be going through surgery and then a treatment programme that will be determined later. Return stronger Neymar.”

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Neymar Out?

The player suffered the injury when tussling for the ball with Uruguay’s Nicolas de la Cruz in the 44th minute of the World Cup Qualifier tie. Sources say it can take six months to a year to recover from the ACL injuries and that would likely rule him out for the rest of the season. There are now doubts over his participation in next year’s Copa America, which starts in June.

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Football Skills, goal festival, Newcastle, Germany, world cup in KL, Neymar out
Brazilians practice their football skills – Wikipedia

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