Netizens Now DEFENDING PPR TikToker Syamimia Who LOST Over 200K FOLLOWERS 

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Image screen shotted from her official Instagram account @syamimia_

The recent controversy involving a famous influencer, Syamimia living in a PPR building has lost over 200k followers. X users state that it is due to a number of reasons. One of the reasons is in relation to the SMEG refrigerator drama that recently unfolded. 

Syamimia losing 200k followers 

The other controversy was that she is still living in a PPR unit where netizens are vehemently unhappy with her for it. There are talks that Syamimia did not want to place any opinions on the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, however, that is still unconfirmed. Netizens are defending her by stating that they should leave her alone, she is simply an influencer trying to make a living. 

Other X users state that some people are very cruel towards influencers and celebrities in Malaysia. The unnecessary hate people are throwing at others is simply mind boggling to some users. Not everyone agrees with cancel culture. 

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Image screen shotted from her official Instagram account @syamimia_

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