New: Woman Printing A4 Screenshots for Proving Points to Boyfriend 

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Image screen shotted from X user @SaifulChin

Recently, the trend of printing A4 sized conversation screenshots to prove a point has been popular. Apparently, it seems that it has made its way to Malaysia. An X user managed to take a photo of a situation where a woman was showing her supposedly boyfriend these documents. 

A4 sized screenshots to prove points 

The original poster wishes good luck to the guy the girl is with as she has solid evidence of whatever they’re arguing about. Furthermore, users state that the dedication is truly there as the girl printed these A4 sized screenshots in full color, which would typically cost RM1 per paper. 

Other users state that if they’re confronted in a situation like this, they would simply run away. However, some state that running away will only make the problem even worse as the guilty party always would try to run away. 

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