Mixed Race Makeup Is Now Going Viral In China

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Mixed race
YouTuber Edward Avila using the Mixed race filter - Photo: koreaboo

In the ever-evolving world of makeup trends, a new one has emerged on social media – “mixed race” makeup. This trend involves altering one’s appearance to look more stereotypically Caucasian or “Wasian” (White and Asian mix).

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Mixed Race

While makeup is a form of artistry, this trend has sparked controversy, with some likening it to “Asian fishing” and cultural appropriation. Many individuals of mixed race have expressed concerns, highlighting the negativity they face regarding their heritage. The trend has raised questions about the line between artistic expression and cultural insensitivity, provoking a broader conversation about the impact of makeup trends on diverse communities.

Main photo – koreaboo

Unknown 2 5
BEFORE applying the filter
Unknown 1 9
After applying the filter

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