Netizens: Can Najib Supporters Pay for His 1MDB Scandal Now?

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Official image of Najib Razak from the Malaysian government.

Netizens are watching closely the move by some in Umno to continue the fight for Bossku who is serving his second year in jail out of the 12 years sentencing for the SRC International scandal. Some are saying Umno has lost its bearings, refusing to admit ex-PM Najib Razak is guilty as charged. Others are simply asking for the 2000 supporters to pay up for Najib’s 1MDB money siphoning.

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Najib Supporters

“2000 orang ni tolong Najib bayar balik apa yang dicuri dia, boleh?” wrote a user. Another says: “Get over yourself. The man committed a crime. He stole taxpayers money. He got caught. He needs to serve the punishment.”

Another comment was not that kind to the demonstrators: “Proud like a buffalo. Blind heart? How many people have been jailed & banks have to close all over the world due to 1mbd Najib? Malaysia has to pay a debt of 1 billion or tens of billions of RM a year without the people getting any benefits. Still, say Najib is holy? Equally pure & innocent, right?” – Read all the comments in the X platform link above.

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Photo from Yana Najib’s Instagram

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