Netizens Now Saying 14-year-old Kid’s Parents Should Be Held RESPONSIBLE

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Kedah Woman 14-year-old
Image screen shotted from X user @nanmanjoi8715

The sad story of a woman passing away after getting hit by a car is one netizens are talking about now. Apparently a 14-year-old kid was driving a car and the kid hit a woman and her sister who were riding a motorcycle. The incident happened in front of a petrol station. 

Woman lost her life in accident due to 14-year-old kid driving

Netizens are sharing their sympathies to the woman’s family as they feel it is unfortunate for her to die in such a manner. Furthermore, users state that the 14-year-old’s parents should also be held responsible for this action. X users feel that parental supervision should be stricter. 

Others state that if the child acted out of rebellion against the parents, it is not entirely the parents’ fault. However, users state that it is still their prerogative as the child is still under their legal care. The best way is to find ways in making sure the kid does not steal their car keys. 

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Kedah Woman
Image screen shotted from X user @nanmanjoi8715

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