X Users Now Wondering Why Low Cost Flat Residents Refuse To Pay Maintenance Fees

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Low cost
Image screen shotted from X user @slainthayer

The topic of unpaid maintenance fees is a common one. This is happening from the low cost flats up to luxury condominiums. It seems that it could be a trait in our country where some people refuse to pay in order to maintain the building they live in. However, for the lower end housing, it will be a lot more dire. 

Low cost flat residents refuse to pay maintenance fees 

X users state that this is not only affecting low cost flats, but also condominiums that the government built. The user adds that after a period of time, the building went into disarray as there was a lack of funds collected. Unfortunately, there are other incidents where the building managers are the ones taking the funds for themselves. 

Others are sharing their fear of moving into government apartments simply due to this reason. These buildings would require at least RM122 in maintenance fees, but most residents may not even pay it. 

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Low cost
Image screen shotted from X user @slainthayer

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