Paris Hilton Now FIGHTING Off Mean Comments About Her BABY’s Forehead

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Paris Hilton
Image screen shotted from X page @ThePopTingz

Paris Hilton is now married and has a baby. Her son is in fact extremely adorable. Unfortunately, there are those who appear to be jealous or are just in fact mean and decide to make hurtful comments about her child. However, most X users are defending her baby from those nasty comments. 

Paris Hilton fighting off mean comments 

X users state that he is just a baby, and people should stop being weird about babies. Furthermore, Paris Hiton states that her child is a normal and healthy baby. Typically, there are babies with large foreheads and some claim that they are usually intelligent. 

Others state it is concerning to see internet trolls mocking a literal baby’s appearance. This is irregardless of the child’s mother. Some claim that they are showing concerns towards the child. However, his mother is arguably one of the richest women in the world which would mean that the best care for the child is at her disposal. 

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Paris Hilton
Image screen shotted from X page @ThePopTingz

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