NEW: Small Explosion at LPP Tower Due to Underground Cables

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A small explosion occurred on the 5th floor of the Farmers’ Organization Authority (LPP) Tower, believed to have originated from a fire in an electrical room, a portal says. Deputy Director of the Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Department, Rozihan Anwar Mamat, stated that the impact of the explosion was not significant. “There was an explosion, stemming from a fire in underground cables. Preliminary inspections revealed issues with low-voltage underground cables.”

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Small Explosion

“The fire did not involve the building’s structure, and there were no casualties at the location,” he said in a statement today. Earlier, a news portal reported that during the incident, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu, was in the building. Mohamad was scheduled to participate in a media engagement session, which was supposed to take place at 2:30 pm.

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