Netizens Now Giggling at Dato Seri Vida’s Laugh, Saying She Lights their Hearts Up 

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Dato Seri Vida
Image screen shotted from X user @AbudiAlsagoff

Dato Seri Vida, one of Malaysia’s most successful entrepreneurs. She constantly makes viral videos showing her being laid back and friendly. However, most users are in awe of her signature laugh. Most people have one to begin with, but hers is one of the more distinctive ones out there. 

Dato Seri Vida’s laugh 

There are some negative comments towards Dato Seri Vida’s laughter. Users claim that her laughter broke their headphones. This is due to her loud laughter. However, others state that she makes them laugh too simply because of her laughter. 

Some users claim that they were shocked listening to her laughter in full volume. Regardless, it is not recommended that you listen to the video with headphones on. It would be nice to see more celebrities who are comfortable with themselves like her. 

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Dato Seri Vida
Image screen shotted from X user @AbudiAlsagoff

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