New LRT Station Now POURING with Rain, Netizens Speculate DAMAGED Structure 

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LRT Station
Image screen shotted from TikToker @kysondeeznutsboi

It appears that there is more drama surrounding the construction quality of the newer LRT stations. Seemingly, these stations are pouring with rain when in reality it’s already covered. Some netizens speculate that the structure was damaged or built poorly during its 2016 construction. 

LRT Station pouring with rain 

A viral video on TikTok showed the Puchong LRT station suffering from heavy rain, from the inside. Some users feel that this could be the precise reason as to why these newer extended stations have disabled escalators, as the rain would obviously interfere with the electronics of it. 

Furthermore, others speculate that it could be due to a lack of maintenance as well. However, these incidents are not happening to the older stations, but exclusively to the newer ones, alongside the MRT stations as well. 

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LRT Station
Image screen shotted from TikToker @kysondeeznutsboi

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