Massive Python Fails to Get Away After Eating Farmer’s Animal

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Massive Python Fails to Get Away After Eating Farmer's Animal - Photo Fakta Berita Instagram

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A viral video on social media shows a massive snake, a reticulated python, caught by locals in a livestock pen, entangled in a trap. The video captures the enormous snake’s efforts to free itself from the snare wrapped around its neck.

Python tied with a rope

The rope trap is suspected to have been set by frustrated residents, as their livestock had frequently gone missing, likely falling prey to this predator. The brief video also captures the fearful voice of the person recording, who is astounded by the immense size of the snake, known for its deadly constricting abilities. This incident highlights the challenges of wildlife-human conflicts in the region.

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Photo of a crocodile with mouth wide open from Unsplash

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