Man Now SHOWS How to Find His Girlfriend in 10 SECONDS 

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Image screen shotted from X user @PicturesFoIder

Typically, there are times where we would lose our significant other in a crowded area. Apparently, a man in China showed a tip to other fellow men out there on how to find their girlfriends when they’re lost. He stood next to another girl and asked if she could help him find his girlfriend. 

Man shows how to find girlfriend in 10 seconds 

Later on in the video, the man’s girlfriend came and yelled at him for standing next to a girl. Most users are finding this as a comedic relief. However, others state that it would take less than 10 seconds if he actually hugged the other girl. 

Regardless, it is a funny incident. Some users state that if this is the opposite case, it would definitely be different for the girl. However, it seems that the video was made for comedic purposes. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @PicturesFoIder

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