Premier League Supporters Now Demand Reversal of Christmas Eve Match Decision

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Premier League Trophy, champions
Premier League Trophy

Supporter groups from all 20 Premier League clubs are collectively urging the League to reverse its decision to reschedule the Wolves vs. Chelsea match for Christmas Eve this year, originally set for December 23 but moved to accommodate broadcasting requirements. 

Premier League demand reversal of Christmas eve match 

The Football Supporters’ Association, representing multiple fan organizations, has strongly criticized this change. Chelsea Supporters’ Trust and Wolves 1877 Trust have decried the impact on fans and logistical issues related to this decision, while Chelsea announced they would provide free coach travel for fans attending the match.

Some fans state that their Christmas is ruined already due to the Wolves playing away. Many are shocked that a match is going to take place on Christmas Eve as this is the first time in 30 years.

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Premier League Trophy, champions
Premier League Trophy

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