Ex-Islamic Affairs Minister Now Questioned for Receiving Bid of RM135,000 for His ROLEX Watch

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Ex-Islamic Affairs Minister
Image screen shotted from his official Facebook page.

The controversial topic of an Ex-Islamic Affairs Minister, Zulkifli Mohamad selling off his Rolex starting from RM40,000 to raise funds for Palestine. In the end, he claims to have reached a RM135,000 bid. However, netizens are finding it peculiar and odd that the Ex-Minister is able to afford such a luxurious and very expensive timepiece such as that. 

Ex-Islamic Affairs Minister questioned for having Rolex watch 

Users are speculating the source of the Ex-Islamic Affairs Minister’s watch thinking that he either received it as a gift or he genuinely saved up for it. Some users state that the Asnaf, a party that’s able to receive Zakat funds. Furthermore, there are those who defend the Ex-Minister stating that he is able to afford these things. 

Others are accusing him of stealing from the Zakat funds, which is a very serious accusation and there is no evidence of him doing so. Some claim that he used Zakat funds for his child to continue their studies, and users question why he didn’t sell the watch to help his child. 

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 Ex-Islamic Affairs Minister

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