PLKN 3.0 Now Including Individuals Up to 35-Years-Old?

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The inclusion of individuals up to 35 years old in the National Service Training Program (PLKN) 3.0 has left many dissatisfied and surprised, with social media users expressing their disappointment. Some are joking that a bunch of men in their 30s are going to be doing their training alongside those who are 18. 

PLKN 3.0 including individuals up to 35-years-old 

Others are scared that they might be re-selected again for PLKN even though they escaped the entire ordeal. Netizens see this as a program that should not resurface as there used to be a number of problems involving this whole national service. 

Netizens joked that a new father might have to leave his wife and kids to enter this national service program. Furthermore, if the requirement were to increase to those 10 years older, a father and son combo might happen. 

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