Saifuddin Goreng PAS Man in Parliament Now

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Goreng PAS
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The PN Opposition in Parliament continues to make a fool of themselves with questions that are now reverted to them for the time they were in government. PAS’s Takiyuddin Hassan asked the Minister of Home Affairs whether the PH-BN government have the intention to vote out certain laws or pass certain laws, like the Hudud perhaps.

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Goreng PAS

A straight forward Minister decided to reply with a question, asking the PAS man whether during his 33 months as a Minister in the government, he managed to vote or cast aside any ‘draconian’ laws. Saifuddin said for years, PAS and PH were together and they both drafted manifestos that mentioned draconian laws. But When PAS was in power, nothing was done. He also said his government now have the intent to correct the anomalies. The heated debate though.

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Photo of Takiyddin Hassan from Wikipedia – Kena goreng lagi..panas

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