New: KTM Train Collided with Truck Carrying Palm Oil 

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Image screen shotted from X user @nwarkebabom

Unfortunately, a KTM train collided with a truck carrying palm oil in Jerantut, Pahang . Netizens are surprised at the situation citing that this should not be possible. Furthermore, this is a rare incident that happened. Most of the time there shouldn’t be a vehicle roaming around the train tracks. 

KTM train collided with truck 

Users state that this should not be possible as KTM’s train tracks and parts of the land surrounding these tracks are reserved only for their use. However, it is unclear how the truck even managed to enter this area. 

Others speculate that the truck driver was probably trying to have access to the other side of the plantation by crossing the train tracks. Regardless, there should be safer alternatives for the truck to do its crossing. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @nwarkebabom

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