X Users Now Disagreeing with PN Claiming Malaysians Wanting Them to Take Over Government

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Recently, our opposition party, PN, claims that they have strong support for them to take over the government. However, most X users are disagreeing with this rhetoric citing that they still lost the previous general elections. Others state that as long as they don’t have the votes, its best they keep silent. 

PN claiming Malaysians want them to take over government 

Furthermore, prominent influencers on X state that these PN leaders are only hearing this rhetoric among themselves. For the most part, in the bigger cities, most people are supportive of the coalition government. 

Others state that taking over a government does not consist of claims for support on social media. Users are saying that Perikatan Nasional leaders should keep quiet and be a good opposition party by giving constructive criticisms. Netizens recommend that they behave like how Pakatan Harapan did when they were the opposition party. 

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Perikatan Nasional, son-in-law, PN in Parliament

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