Grab Now Responds to Boycott Calls Amidst Growing Controversy

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In November 2023, Malaysia’s Grab, a leading ride-hailing and food delivery service, faced renewed scrutiny following Chloe Tong’s Instagram post recounting her trip to Israel. Allegations surfaced, suggesting Grab’s support for Israel, sparking calls for a company boycott. The extent of the boycott’s impact, with users uninstalling their app in protest, remains unclear.

Grab responds to the boycott calls

In response, the e-hailing platform issued a statement vehemently denying bias and highlighting its commitment to impartiality and neutrality. They also took measures to manage social media feedback. Other companies like Burger King and McDonald’s faced similar boycott calls due to their aid for the war in the Middle East. 

Social media played a pivotal role in mobilizing these boycott efforts, demonstrating its influence in shaping public opinion and corporate responses. Grab faces a challenging period as it navigates these controversies while dealing with social media activism’s profound impact.

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