Mass McD Boycott Affecting Primarily Malay Muslim Workers Now

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Recent efforts to boycott businesses with alleged ties to Israel have garnered attention in Malaysia. The question arises: What’s the end game of such boycotts? While these lists circulating on social media have got massive support, they have inadvertently affected McDonald’s Malaysia. Despite being a global chain with autonomous local franchises, McDonald’s Malaysia is a 100% Muslim-owned entity. But that does not mean it is not facing boycotts, just like Starbucks and others.

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McD Boycott

Some say the actions of the Israel franchise holder do not reflect the company’s global policy. Malaysians who are boycotting the brand disagree. A video shared by activist Siti Kasim shows empty McDonald’s outlets. However, the people behind the campaign know that Malay Muslim staff working for these outlets are now facing potential job losses due to the boycott. Should these workers get new jobs?

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