Netizens Now JOKING That ZUS Coffee Logo INSPIRED By Poet A. Samad Said

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Zus Coffee
(L) Zus Coffee logo, (R) Image of A. Samad Said from Wikipedia.

The controversy regarding Zus Coffee’s logo being the Greek god Zeus has sparked debates on social media. They are a proud and strong Malaysian company that deserve our support. However, netizens are joking that their logo was actually inspired by our renowned poet, A. Samad Said. 

Zus coffee’s logo inspired by poet A. Samad Said? 

Netizens went along with the joke saying that they truly believe that Zus Coffee’s logo resembles A. Samad Said. Furthermore, they claim that they are sharing this new information all over social media. This is probably done by the users who are tired of the backlash against our local coffee brand. 

Others state that people should not joke about this as it does seem plausible. Regardless, users are having a field day with this as they are posting memes about it. A user posted a meme about spreading misinformation and driving away. 

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Zus Coffee
(L) Zus Coffee logo, (R) Image of A. Samad Said from Wikipedia.

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