Dating a Malay Boy, Family Pins Daughter Down to Ward-off Black Magic

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Malay boy
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A 23-year-old woman has claimed her parents subjected her to physical abuse because of her relationship with a Malay man. The trouble began when she introduced her 22-year-old musician boyfriend, to her parents in Ipoh, Perak, initially presenting him as a friend. The situation escalated after her parents learned of their romantic involvement, leading to alleged racist attitudes and abuse.

Malay Boy

The alleged victim claimed her parents believed her partner had used “black magic” on her, justifying physical abuse to “awaken” her. She detailed the abuse in an Instagram video, describing how her family held her down, slapped her, and believed she was possessed due to her relationship with a Malay man. She has since left the house in Ipoh and is seeking help to sue her parents for abuse. The parents made a report to MCMC and created Facebook pages in an attempt to renew relationships with the girl.


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