Netizens Now Saying Fried Rice in Langkawi is THE SAME PRICE as FoodPanda in KL 

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Langkawi Folks, Chinese tourist
Photo of sunset on Cenang beach, Langkawi - Photo: Latest Malaysia

Langkawi has always been seen as an exotic destination for Malaysians and foreigners. However, many are complaining that the island is expensive, and places like Krabi are more affordable than our Malaysian destination. Netizens state that they would love to support locals, but it’s out of reach for them. 

Netizens complaining that Langkawi is expensive 

Furthermore, there are several slurs netizens are throwing out towards the exotic island. Others state that Langkawi tend to claim that the island would be hard to obtain resources. However, going overseas can still be cheaper than it is making netizens question. 

The oddest claim is that fried rice prices in the island are the same prices as FoodPanda prices in Kuala Lumpur. Our capital city is known to be one of the more expensive destinations in the country. 

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Langkawi Folks
Photo of sunset on Cenang beach, Langkawi – Photo: Latest Malaysia

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