NEW: MP Plays Dumb in Parliament After Sullying LGE and Others

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PAS Accused, Umno Steps, no clear rejection, mp plays dumb
A catwalk of PAS women?
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In a terrible move indicating a lack of interest in the laws of the country, an MP (you know the name) decided to go on with her speech in Parliament after dirtying the names of several other MPs during a speech at a rally in Terengganu. The woman MP covered in tudung played the dumb while the MPs she attacked outside the Parliament asked her to explain why she did her mischievous act.

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MP Plays Dumb

Recently, the PN-PAS MPs were saying the rules of the Parliament must change to accommodate their stupidity. But in fact, the rules of the Parliament must change to prevent such MPs that commit crimes outside the August house are automatically barred from speaking inside the Parliament. Right?

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Image of the Malaysian Parliament, photo taken from Wikipedia.

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