TikToker Now CONFUSED Saying Texas Chicken isn’t an American Brand as it is “Texan” 

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Texas Chicken
Image screen shotted from X user @MHaffizJ

Ironically, there is a half truth to this as Texas, a state in the United States, had been independent for nearly 10 years in the 1800s. Another debate was in relation to Texas Chicken’s actual name, which is Church’s Chicken, which is named after the founder of the branch, George W. Church Sr.

TikToker saying Texas Chicken isn’t American as it is “Texan” 

An X user posted a comment in relation to this whole ordeal. Apparently, a TikToker claims that Texas isn’t a part of the United States. However, little does the TikToker know the actual real name of Texas Chicken as mentioned earlier. Regardless, it is an effective way for the brand to make extra money. 

Another user states that the TikToker must’ve thought that Texas was located in Kelantan. X users are triggered at the geography failure of some social media warriors when it comes to political and social debates. 

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Texas Chicken
Image screen shotted from X user @MHaffizJ

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