New: Social Media Users Remind Hannah Yeoh of ‘DAP Lapdog’ Comment

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Minister of Sports Hannah Yeoh shows her sympathy for former Youth Minister Syed Saddiq who is facing a tough time in jail if he loses his final appeal in a few years. She says Saddiq, a friend of hers, is a fighter and this triggered a series of comments from her followers on the X platform. Some of the comments are funny, some sarcastic. But most of them are reminding the DAP leader that Saddiq once called her and her party members, Zahid’s lapdog.

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Some are posting pictures of Saddiq climbing a fence to escape from a mob while others are posting a famous quote by a royalty who had some war of words with the then minister of sports.

Very few are showing sympathy for Saddiq, particularly among the PH supporters who feels he betrayed the ruling coalition.
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The ex-sports minister in trouble

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