People are Putting Toilet Rolls in the Fridge! Do You Think It’s Funny?

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Toilet Rolls
Toilet Rolls in the fridge - Photo: TikTok video

Discover the latest trend of putting toilet rolls in the fridge, circulating on cleaning influencers’ platforms. Originating from the hotel industry, it’s claimed to neutralize odours, absorbing unwanted smells from food. Some also tout it as a cold compression, staying cold for eight hours.

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Toilet Rolls Trick

While the trick has its enthusiasts, alternative methods like fridge odor absorbers or a combination of baking soda and lemons offer freshness. In the realm of cleaning content on TikTok, a woman’s aesthetically pleasing hotel cleaning routine has garnered attention, showcasing quirky essentials and earning love from viewers. Explore the evolving world of cleaning hacks on TikTok.

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Image screen shotted from X user @NaufalAntezem

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