NEW: Tiger Attacks Cow in Gua Musang

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Image of a tiger. Photo by Nick Karvounis from Unsplash

The body parts of a man, believed to have been mauled by a tiger, were found in a rubber plantation in Kuala Wok, Pos Pasik in Kelantan on Friday and now it is that of a cow that is found. Residents of Kampung Kundur in Gua Musang are urging Perhilitan to take immediate action following after a pregnant cow was found with signs of being attacked by a tiger in a plantation yesterday.

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Tiger Attacks

Aris Awang, the owner, discovered the injured cow and its unborn calf on Friday around 10 am. However, by around 11 am today, he found the cow’s carcass dragged to the edge of a hill about 50 meters from the original location, with the fetus missing. This marks the first such incident in Aris’s five years of cattle farming, says Bernama.

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Image screen shotted from Twitter page @mynewshub

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