Man at JB Checkpoint Fears He Almost Got Scammed with ‘Mind Control’

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JB Checkpoint
Man at JB Checkpoint Fears He Almost Got Scammed with 'Mind Control'

In a recent post on a border-crossing group, a Malaysian shared an encounter near the Johor checkpoint where a stranger, a woman, approached him around 10:20 pm. The man reported feeling giddy almost instantly, a phenomenon associated with an urban legend involving scams after interacting with strangers.

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JB Checkpoint Scam?

Although he remained lucid and recovered, the incident sparked discussions about the persistence of such stories. Urban legends, often involving spells or scams, continue to capture public interest and intrigue, highlighting the enduring fascination with mysterious and cautionary tales. Do they use bomoh tactics or some chemicals to render their ‘victims’ inert? See the FB post.

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