NEW: Modified Car Shoots Fireworks While Driving

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Modified Car
Modified Car
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A driver modified a car to shoot fireworks while driving in a road in Malaysia. A news portal say members of the public felt it endangered the safety of others. According to a post on the X app, a five-second video is believed to have been recorded around Selayang Wholesale Market last night.

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Modified Car

“In the same video, the driver was also seen speeding while shooting fireworks along the road. Checking the comment section, the public expressed their concerns, especially about the safety of the public. ‘This is endangering the public because this is a crowded area,’ said Riesna. ‘Selayang people are different,’ said Adib. ‘If it can cause such danger, it’s better to ban fireworks from entering our country,’ said Eecham. Now, the post has received 114 likes and 102 shares.

Child Falling From Car, modified car
Child Falling From: Police Investigating the Matter Now – Photo NST

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