X Users Now ACCUSING Apple of Decreasing iPhone Camera Quality  

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iPhones Apple baby
Image taken from Apple's official website.

The topic of Apple decreasing their iPhone speed and camera quality is one of the biggest accusations out there. However, there was an admission from the company that they do reduce the speeds of their devices if the battery is problematic. Ever since then, netizens went wild with this information. 

Netizens accusing Apple of decreasing iPhone camera quality 

An X user posted a photo taken on an iPhone 15, and the caption states that the phone camera is extremely clear. However, others feel that this is very true for new Apple phones for the first few months. After that, the cameras would just simply be mediocre. Some claim that software updates are able to do this. 

Others claim that most people are “nasty” and are not cleaning their phone camera lenses. Despite this, many state that they do clean it, but still feel that their phone camera is declining overtime. Regardless, the tech company isn’t confirming this nor are they denying it. 

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iPhones Apple baby
Image taken from Apple’s official website.

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