Anthony Loke: DAP Aimed for Mahathir’s Transformation, Not Just Najib’s Ouster

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Anthony Loke DAP
Image of Anthony Loke from Wikipedia.

DAP characterized their past alliance with Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was genuine, aiming for his transformation to enact real change, not merely ousting then-PM Najib Razak. Secretary-General Anthony Loke expressed hope for Mahathir’s potential to bring national reform. 

Anthony Loke stated working together with Tun M previously was genuine

Loke stated they anticipated Mahathir’s “second chance” to drive progress in the country. Previously, Mahathir disclosed their mutual utilization in 2018, collaborating to topple Najib’s administration. Speaking in Petaling Jaya, Loke emphasized their aspirations for Mahathir’s role in ushering a renewed era and advancement for Malaysia.

Netizens state that the party was genuine when working with our former Prime Minister. However, they claim that Tun M was not genuine with DAP. Regardless, it is all in the past now as times have changed since then.

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Anthony Loke DAP
Image of Anthony Loke from Wikipedia.

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