Man Now Wearing TUDUNG, Netizens Say He’s Wearing it SMOOTHER Than a Woman 

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TUDUNG, Zarina Anjolie
Image screen shotted from X user @hidayahchaa

Recently, a viral video surfaced of a man wearing a tudung on TikTok. However, netizens are saying that he wears it smoother than a woman would wear it. They feel his tudung tutorial is very informative and it is very rare for a man to even be able to do this. 

Man wearing tudung 

Netizens state that the man wearing the tudung is actually a seller for these items. The original poster on X states that she checked out with four of his merchandise in her cart. It could also be a marketing tactic for the seller to be different from others. 

Some actually thought the seller is a woman, this is because he clearly has smooth skin. However, it could also be the TikTok filter where influencers would typically use. Regardless, many are giving him props for his dedication to sell his merchandise. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @hidayahchaa

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