Netizens Now CRINGE Listening to Influencer’s Voice 

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Image screen shotted from X user @twtbiy

There are people who are born with a certain type of voice. However, netizens appear to be cringing at one specific influencer’s voice. Apparently Liyana, the influencer was addressing a problem regarding her case against another person. She claims that people are spreading fake news about her. 

Netizens cringing at Influencer’s voice 

Furthermore, netizens are annoyed at the fact that she has already won the case, but yet, she is still dragging this issue out. It appears that people are tired of hearing about this case on social media. The other comments are rather mean. 

Others state that influencers like her, who have her voice would leave room for different interpretations when they speak. There are several heavy accusations towards her personality and motives, to which we do not know, as we don’t know her personally. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @twtbiy

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