Abang Lori Now RECEIVING Praises for His Natural Skin Colour

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Abang Lori
Image screen shotted from TikToker @imanalif.__

Netizens in Malaysia are generally appreciative of those who pride themselves with their natural skin color. However, some were commenting on the viral “Abang Lori” on having fair skin, but they found out it’s only a filter. Many complimented his natural skin color and said he looks better without any filters on. 

Abang Lori receiving praises for his natural skin color 

Netizens are now calling the “Abang Lori’s” skin tone a beautiful “hitam manis.” Others were questioning as to why he used heavy filters to look like a Korean Oppa. However, there are several reasons as to why some men and women in Malaysia would resort to lightening their skin tone. 

In addition to this, netizens state that if he were to post videos without any filters on, he might not have gotten as viral as he did. Furthermore, users understand that our current society feeds on those with lighter skin, as the fairer skin tone is the standard of beauty. 

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Abang Lori
Image screen shotted from TikToker @imanalif.__

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