Man Showing off Thousands of Ringgit in Cash and A Gucci Bag Now DUMPED Before Wedding 

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Image screen shotted from X user @AbudiAlsagoff

The mentality for Malaysians to show off their wealth on social media is not a new thing. However, a man was recently seen showing off his Gucci bag and stacks of cash in the bag has now been left before his wedding at the last minute. Netizens obviously have a lot to say regarding this situation. 

Showing off thousands of Ringgit and a Gucci bag 

Netizens are upset at the Gucci bag guy as they feel he was showing off his wealth too much. Furthermore, they state that he deserves being left before the wedding due to his show-off nature. Despite whatever people are saying, it is unfair for someone to wish such misfortune on another person. 

Others are talking about how loud some designer bags are. In addition to this, they are asking that is it a uniform for rich people to wear such loud and obnoxious designer bags? Regardless, if they are styled well, it would look great on anybody. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @AbudiAlsagoff

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