Zus Coffee Employees Now Dancing on TikTok, Netizens APPROVED

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Zus Coffee
Image screen shotted from X user @amer__aljeffrey

Just yesterday, an article about KFC staff dancing on TikTok in lieu of the boycotts went viraled. However, it seems that two Zus are dancing on TikTok and it is currently viraling on X. Now some are thinking, which restaurant/cafe staff are going to hop on this trend? 

Zus Coffee employees dancing on TikTok 

Apparently, netizens found the Zus Coffee guys dancing on TikTok are attractive. They’re interested in coming to the cafe for drinks and snacks. This is despite the fact that the cafe is under some heat for their Greek Mythology symbol, to which they have strongly denied. 

Regardless, this is a passing trend, but it is a good way for businesses to promote their products to the mass market. Will we start seeing enterprising businesses encouraging their staff to do dances in order to promote their brand organically? 

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Zus Coffee
Image screen shotted from X user @amer__aljeffrey

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