Malaysians Now Saying We WON’T LOSE Much if STARBUCKS Leave  

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Starbucks, boycott, layoff workers Malaysians, aman palestine
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The boycott for companies like McDonalds and Starbucks has been at an all time high in Malaysia. However, the sentiment for boycotting these companies have been merged with the sentiment to support local companies. Some Malaysians are now saying that we wouldn’t lose much if they leave. 

Malaysians saying we won’t lose much if Starbucks leave

Malaysians are saying that we had multiple foreign branches closing their doors in Malaysia, but we moved on. This is in response to certain stories stating that our country would be in trouble if we were to continue boycotting certain brands in the country. Alternatives for coffee places like Starbucks are abundant with local options. 

Others state that countries like Italy are fine without Starbucks branches all over their country. However, it is duly noted that most of these companies are Malaysian owned and operated. Some state that it is their consumer rights to pick and choose what company they would purchase their items from. 

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Starbucks, boycott, layoff workers Malaysians
Photo by June Andrei George on Unsplash.

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