Milo’s New Bundle Purchase with Maggi Noodles STILL Boycotted, Netizens Now Calling it DOUBLE Boycott 

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Image screen shotted from X page @mandarinjer

It appears that the major boycotts against brands are still going on in Malaysia. However, this time, it is also directed towards Milo, Maggi and other Nestle brands. This is one of the first times ever in Malaysian history where boycotts have been going on for more than a month, and companies are doing promotions to counter it. 

Milo’s bundle promotion with Maggi still boycotted 

However, netizens are joking that if Milo starts having promotion by giving out free Maggi Asam Laksa, then the patience to boycott may reduce. However, it seems that one big pack will only get you a singular packet of Maggi, to which many would find still unsatisfactory. 

Others are joking that the Maggi is actually the item that is purchased, and the powdered cocoa is the free option. If that were true, it would most probably be sold out from the get go. Regardless, netizens are still firm in boycotting these products until further notice. 

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Image screen shotted from X page @mandarinjer

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