Netizens Now Complaining Local Advertisements for Baju Kurung and Makeup Brands LACK Asian Models 

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Asian models advertisement
Image screen shotted from X user @adliehassan

This has been a long recurring story where major local brands would have advertisement campaigns featuring White models rather than Asian models. Netizens state that if these campaigns are meant to entice Malaysians, they should feature local models instead. 

Netizens complaining local advertisements lack Asian models 

Recently, a TikToker who isn’t Malaysian noticed the peculiar trend in Malaysia where the advertisements feature non Malaysian models. Most netizens agree with her standpoint but there is nothing much that could be done. Others state that it is easier for companies to source White models instead. 

However, others claim that it is the company and agency’s choice to feature White models for these campaigns. X users state that in the end, those who end up purchasing these clothes or makeup brands would most probably be Asians. 

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Asian models advertisement
Image screen shotted from X user @adliehassan

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