Muftis Urge Coldplay Concert Cancellation Now

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Federal Territory Mufti, Assoc Prof Datuk Dr Luqman Abdullah, has joined other Malaysian Muslim leaders in urging organizers to reconsider the Coldplay concert scheduled for Nov 22 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. Luqman, along with leaders from Perlis, claims Coldplay is associated with an immoral group promoting some agendas that are illicit in Malaysia.

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Muftis on Coldplay

He advises against supporting the program, stating it goes against the noble values and culture of the country. Pahang Mufti and Perak Deputy Mufti have also called for the concert’s cancellation due to Coldplay’s support for some communities. Netizens are expressing disagreement with these calls.

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Image from Coldplay’s official Twitter account.

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