Netizens Now SUGGEST Government Agencies Sell CLOTHES for Those Wearing Shorts

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Government agencies
Photo by Chase Chappell on Unsplash.

The controversy of government agencies not allowing those wearing clothes not appropriate for their buildings have been discussed on X. However, users are suggesting that these agencies should offer the option for those who did not wear clothes they deem appropriate a chance to purchase one. 

This is all in order for those to come for an appointment to not reschedule it. For the most part, many would have to take a day off in order to sort out problems that may need these agencies. 

Government agencies should sell clothes to those wearing “inappropriate” attire 

X users shared some experience seeing people getting rejected into government buildings. A user states that he saw a man wearing shorts coming to the police station to report the passing of his parent during a hike. They state in situations like this, they should not be told to wear appropriate clothes. 

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Government agencies
Photo by Chase Chappell on Unsplash.

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