Netizens Now DEFENDING Muslim Restaurant Who Hired Staff Wearing CROSS Necklace 

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The recent debacle in a Chinese Muslim restaurant where a staff was fired for wearing a Christian cross is debated all over X. Some users feel that staff wearing symbols from other religions is inappropriate for a Muslim restaurant to have. However, a solid amount of people are supporting the staff. 

Netizens defending Muslim restaurant hiring staff who wore cross 

In addition to this, netizens are stating that there has never been a complaint regarding non-Muslims working in restaurants like McDonalds and KFC. They feel that this is targeted harassment. Others are sympathizing with the staff member who lost his job in lieu of this entire drama. 

Following that, many felt the restaurant wrongfully terminated their staff simply due to social media complaints. However, most understand why the restaurant did it as they do not want to be in this controversy for a longer period. 

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