US Pizza Now Saying it Will CHANGE Name to Kita Pizza if They Get 10,000k Likes 

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US Pizza
Image screen shotted from Facebook.

The controversy of Malaysian companies naming themselves with foreign elements have been facing backlash due to the major boycotts in the country. There are several debates among netizens on X regarding the matter. Unfortunately, US Pizza has also fallen victim to this scandal. 

US Pizza might change name to Kita Pizza

However, several social media users feel that US Pizza is overreacting to this whole issue. They claim that those who would refuse to eat their food due to their naming would probably not be their customers as well. Some state that the branding should also reflect Malaysian elements rather than American ones.

Others feel that if they do reach 10,000 likes, they might make a statement that they are unable to change their name. However, netizens feel that they have already planned to change their name and are using this as a marketing opportunity. For a brand, marketing opportunities are most definitely important.

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US Pizza
Image screen shotted from Facebook.

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