New: Budding Intern Requests RM3000, Food. Goes Viral, Leaves Netizens in Stitches

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Budding Intern
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UX/UI Designer at - Adobe

In a hilarious twist, a Malaysian student seeking an internship shocked a graphic design company with bold requests. The student, pursuing a Graphic Design Diploma, not only expressed interest but demanded perks like a Grab transport incentive, lodging, breakfast, lunch, a performance bonus, and a whopping RM3,000+ salary.

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What a Budding Intern

The company, KF Design 黑月亮脸设计, responded with a humorous caption, “Please don’t, but (we) wish you all the best.” The post went viral, leaving netizens amused and questioning the student’s unconventional approach to internships. One user jokingly wondered if interns could indeed make such extravagant demands.

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