Mercedes Benz Now Faces Call for a Boycott

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Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz Now Faces Call for a Boycott

In a hilarious parliamentary twist, PH-Kampar MP Chong Zhemin raised eyebrows questioning Kelantan’s luxury Mercedes Benz cars. He teased, “The German car maker, I read two weeks ago, donated RM5 million to Tel Aviv. Do the four German-made cars in Kelantan still want to be used?

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Mercedes Benz Boycott?

“Are they boycotting or not?” Zhemin playfully urged against double standards in boycotting Israeli-related products, suggesting, “If you want to boycott, be consistent. Don’t just avoid Starbucks and McDonald’s; even cars should be off the list. Let’s not have selective boycotts; money has already flowed into Israel.”

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