Netizens Calling Taylor Swift’s New MBS Concert Package EXPENSIVE at RM40,000 

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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift at the Red Tour concert - Photo: Wikipedia

The hype over Taylor Swift’s concert in Singapore is still going on strong. Many in Malaysia are upset at the fact they are unable to see their favorite singer here. However, with the numerous drama surrounding concerts here, it is no surprise that she isn’t hosting one in Malaysia. 

Taylor Swift’s EXPENSIVE MBS Concert package 

However, netizens are appalled at the new RM40,000 concert package that Taylor Swift has in conjunction with Marina Bay Sands. The package includes her concert tickets, a three night stay at the luxury hotel with fine dining meals. Netizens are pointing out that this is the same as paying an absurd amount for an iPhone. 

Others are judging those who are willing to pay said amount for simple concert tickets. Regardless, this is meant for the other half who could afford these prices, as they tend to prefer a comfortable experience. 

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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift at the Red Tour concert – Photo: Wikipedia

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