Woman Now EATING 5 BOWLS of Noodles Under 3 Minutes SHOCKING Netizens 

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Image screen shotted from X user @AbudiAlsagoff

A woman went viral on X today after recording herself eating five bowls of spicy noodles in under three minutes. This fact is shocking netizens as not many people would be able to handle such spicy dishes in a short amount of time. She initially drank an entire water bottle before proceeding to devour the meals. 

Woman eating 5 bowls of noodles under 3 minutes

Netizens are saying that she is a noodle eating machine. They state that she isn’t using her mouth to devour these dishes, but rather a machine. However, the video looks rather legitimate, faking it would be quite difficult. 

Some who did not view the entire video asked if she even drank the seasoning soup. However, netizens state that after eating the meals, she did drink all the soup. Some are concerned about her bowel movements after pulling this stunt. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @AbudiAlsagoff

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