New: Felda Air Tawar Resident Faces Eerie Incident

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Felda Air Tawar
New: Felda Air Tawar Resident Faces Eerie Incident - Photo Unsplash

In the quiet Felda Air Tawar 5, an eerie incident left a resident shaken. A knock on the door late at night startled an elderly woman. Upon opening, she found nobody there. The event, while seemingly isolated, sparked fear and speculation within the community.

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Felda Air Tawar

Some feared a potential criminal act, while others whispered of mystical forces. Although a police investigation found no further evidence, the incident served as a chilling reminder to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. Fear and uncertainty lingered, leaving the true cause of the knocking a disturbing mystery.

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Pocong, felda air tawar
Photo: https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berkas:Pocong_di_rumahhantu.JPG

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